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GAP “Integrated Services for Mothers and Children” at Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tajikitan Project “Integrated services for mothers and children” in Tajikistan is organized and financed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Role of GAP is to manage the day-to-day implementation of project activities, including operational and budgetary planning, recruitment and deployment of national and international consultants, procurement of works (construction and rehabilitation healthcare facilities) and goods (medical and non-medical), monitoring and assessment of project progress, analysis of issues to determine the necessary actions and reporting to the project director and the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population (MoHSP).
Huachian Gayur Industrial LLC Huachian Gayur Industrial is the largest manufacturer in the field construction system and green building material in the republic Tajikistan. The company focuses on the production of drywall and provides customers with a competitive solution, high quality products and services that are at the heart of rational sales, continuous innovation and open collaboration. The company is a joint Chinese-Tajik venture. Total investment of the project is $ 13 million.
EDGO Energy SA LLC Edgo Energy is an independent oil and gas exploration and production company, with knowledge in the field of earth sciences, petroleum engineering, commercialization of oil and gas, marketing and primary financing. Our the company provides accounting outsourcing to Edgo Energy. Our specialists organized accounting for Edgo Energy. From our side was a 1C accounting program has been developed for accounting for oil producing companies.
Homsol LLC Company HOMSOL provides its customers with reliable equipment to use renewable energy from the sun in everyday life.
The company has been operating in the renewable energy market since 2009 and has established itself as a reliable and professional supplier equipment for the corporate market.
Company HOMSOL contacted us after it had a tax dispute with tax committee of the Republic of Tajikistan. Our experts competently and in the shortest possible time decided all disputes that arose, after which the HOMSOL Company transferred its accounting service.
Representative Office of the Branch of JSC “Vinci Construction Gran Proger “ Vinci S.A. is a French construction company.
The company ranks first among construction companies in terms of turnover, which in 2009 amounted to 31.93 billion euros. Number of employees of the company is 161,750 people.
Vinci S.A transferred their accounting to our specialists in 2018. We had positive experience with Vinci S.A until the end of 2019. After completion of its project in Tajikistan, Vinci S.A decided to liquidate its legal face. Our specialists organized the liquidation procedure, prepared the necessary documentation and provided to the tax authority. From our side a tax audit was carried out, the result of the tax audit was positive.
CJSC First Microfinance Bank – founded in 2003, PMB-T was the first commercial bank in Tajikistan, which began to pay special attention to microcredit. Building on a solid foundation in the sector microfinance, the bank expanded the range of its services with the aim of more effectively address the diverse financial needs of individuals and legal entities.
ICG Company is official partners (franchise) of 1C Company in Tajikistan
ICG is licensed by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Tajikistan to conduct audit activities