ICG provides high quality assurance services to clients around the world in a climate of new regulations and professional standards.

Our clientele list includes leading Tajik and International companies from various industries.

Our Advantages:


The engagement partner will take full responsibility for the quality of our audit service

Planned together

Our planning is prepared in conjunction with our clients to minimize duplication, increase efficiency and ensure transparency of our audit process

Risk focused

The engagement team focuses on areas of a greater risk in your business, and will not waste time on immaterial areas. We identify and address any issues at the planning pre-audit stage. This approach ensures that the audit is conducted efficiently, allows discussing significant issues revealed with top management at the stage of audit process rather than upon its completion, and enables deadlines to be met without surprises

  • Audit of IFRS financial statements
  • Audit of NFRS financial statements
  • IT Audit
  • Review of financial statements
  • Agreed-upon procedures
  • Financial reporting under IFRS