The Popularity of Outstaffing Service is characterized by a number of significant advantages for big companies and Start up cos:

  • Reduction of the taxable base – due to the reduction of the payroll, the amount of corporate income tax and the employee’s payroll tax is reduced.
  • Maintaining the tax category – this prevents from increasing the cost of taxes.
  • Delegating the risks associated with maintaining the personnel staff where the legal, labor responsibilities fall upon the shoulders of ICG.
  • Increasing the investment attractiveness of the company where low costs is an indicator of good financial results.
  • Controlling the staffing table is an especially important advantage for companies that have restrictions on the number of people in the recruitment.
  • Reducing the burden on the personnel department and accounting – a large amount of work is transferred to the duties of ICG.

The procedure for OUTSTAFFING occurs in several stages:

  • Conclusion of the contract between the customer and ICG,
    which details the duties and rights of both parties.
  • Termination of the official employment relations between Client and its employees.
  • Re-Registration of Client`s employees into Employment agreements with ICG LLC.
  • The signing of documents b/n BGB and the employees, according to which they are sent to the Customer’s company for work.

What responsibilities are taken ICG LLC:

  • Full management of personnel records management.
  • Calculation and payment of wages and payrolls to the employees.
  • Payment of taxes on wages.
  • Material support of employees.
  • Hiring employees and layoff procedures and much more.

A very important plus for our company is a flexible pricing policy. Each client is unique for us! When it goes about outstaffing, the price always depends entirely on the needs of the customer.